Maple Syrup

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Dolce’s Sugar Shack.

Dolce’s Tree Service is all about…you guessed it, trees!

We’re experts in making your trees look great, but a big part of getting there is understanding the science behind them. That involves knowing a tree from the inside out.

And, sometimes, that produces very tasty results. One example is maple syrup.

Did you know…

  • …maple syrup comes from the boiling down and reducing of sap taken directly from a maple tree?
  • …it takes anywhere from 30–50 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup?
  • …tapping a maple tree for syrup does not harm it in any way?
  • …maple syrup has health benefits? The natural sweetener contains vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients.

See How It's All Done. Tour The Sugar Shack!

We take pride in our homegrown maple syrup.

Just a few hundred yards from our office is Dolce’s famous Sugar Shack. Built by the owner Leonard Dolce, the rustic-looking two-room structure is a great backdrop to the age old art of maple syrup production.

You may think that this interesting art is reserved for maple syrup experts only, but that’s not true! We offer tours every March that give our visitors a first-hand look at the entire process.

Tours allow our guests to see tapping, jugging, and everything in between. We have a viewing window where you can see all the action, including the wood burning fire we use to make our products, and every guest gets to sample our famous maple syrup.

Though maple syrup production is seasonal, our Sugar Shack is open year round for field trips, families, and anyone interested in this unique process. If you want to learn about trees, see how early Americans lived, or simply get a taste of something sweet, come spend some time with us at Dolce’s Sugar Shack.

Pure 100% Maple Syrup...Great For Breakfast!

Interested in buying some of our pure Ohio syrup for your next stack of pancakes or to drizzle over your ice cream? 
Maybe you would like to schedule a tour of the Sugar Shack for your family, or classroom.
Call, email, or just come by our office at 2550 Crider Rd.

We've got some syrup with your name on it!