Organic Mulch

All Mulch Is NOT The Same! All Mulch Is NOT Good For Your Plants.

If you regularly buy mulch in bags (or bulk) from a local hardware store or landscaping outlet, there’s a good chance it’s been made from ground up pallets. When you compare it to organic mulch there's a clear distinction. Though it may make your lawn look attractive, it actually creates several problems for your plants.


  • Carries very little nutritional value for your plants.
  • Takes much longer to break down and decompose.
  • Ground too fine and creates an impenetrable barrier to water and oxygen exchange.

QUICK TIP: After a rain (or watering) dig down below your mulch to see if water is getting through. If it’s not, the much is too fine and you should consider replacing it.

Why Organic Mulch Is Best For Your Plants.

Organic mulch is superior to other types of mulch because it mimics a natural forest floor. It contains all the organic material plants need to stay healthy. Such as:

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organic mulch contains 100% organic material with no filler

100% organic material.
NO ground up pallets & NO filler material. 

The Benefits Of Organic Mulch.

There are many benefits of organic mulch:

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    Adds necessary nutrients back into your soil.
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    Breaks down to aid in soil de-compaction.
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    Ground correctly to allow water to pass through.
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    Retains moisture in your soil.
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    Aids in oxygen exchange.
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    Regulates your soil’s temperature.
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    Acts as a natural weed control.
organic mulch in the hands of one of our employees

Organic mulch breaks down properly and provides excellent water retention for your plants.

Our organic mulch is made from the chippings of trees we remove and prune. Those chippings are ground into mulch at our mulch yard in Mansfield. Direct access to this organic material ultimately saves you money because our shipping costs are eliminated.

You can get our organic mulch in:

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(NOTE: Dye has no ill effects on trees or plants)

organic mulch pile from our mulch yard on State Route 42 by Washington Floors

Natural coloring of freshly ground organic mulch that's full of nutrients your tree needs.

Learn More About Proper Mulching Techniques.

The ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) has created a detailed educational brochure about proper mulching techniques. Use the button below to download it.

How To Determine How Much Organic Mulch You Will Need.

Our organic mulch is sold by the cubic yard. Use the guide below to approximate your usage:

1 cubic yard covers 100 square feet, or a 10’x10’ area at 3” deep. 

If you normally purchase mulch by the bag, use the table below.
NOTE: Most bags sold at hardware stores are 2 cubic feet per bag.

Dolce’s Mulch3.3 Cubic Feet Bag2 Cubic Feet Bag
1 Scoop9 Bags14 Bags
organic mulch spread around the base of a pin oak tree

Beautiful pin oak that's been mulched for years with organic mulch. The mulch ring has kept it healthy and thriving.

Mulch That Looks Great & Feeds Your Plants

Our mulch yard is located on State Route 42 by Washington Floors in Mansfield.
We offer delivery or you can come by and pick it up.
Our mulch yard is open from 8am to 4pm, Monday - Friday. Saturday by appointment only.
To make an appointment or schedule a delivery call: (419) 589-6285