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Maple syrup
Local trees, local syrup


Dolce’s Tree Service knows trees from top to bottom and inside out. One of our favorite tree products is maple syrup. We love it so much that we created our own on-site Sugar Shack where we process the homegrown maple syrup we (and the community) enjoy.

Our maple syrup is naturally full of vitamins and minerals and is a great natural sweetener. Taken directly from the trees we live amongst every day, Dolce’s maple syrup is a product that can’t be beat.

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Organic Mulch
A gardener’s unsung hero


Dolce’s Tree Service knows what it takes to make your yard look its absolute best. >From tall trees to attractive shrubbery, we’ll make your yard pop…but not without one essential element that ties it all together: mulch.

Mulched gardens are healthier, more weed free, and more resistant to drying out than their unmulched counterparts. We prefer organic mulch because it puts vital nutrients right back into the soil where your plants rest.

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