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Organic Mulch

Dolce’s Tree Service understands the importance of overall yard health. That’s why we produce our own organic mulch, free of dyes, chemicals and pesticides.

Why is mulch important? Not only does it pull the yard together and make it aesthetically pleasing, mulch actually discourages weeds, provides consistent soil temperature, and conserves moisture. It may also inhibit plant disease and increase soil fertility.

We offer delivery or pick up services. At only $22 per cubic yard, our prices for premium mulch can’t be beat. Don’t know how much you need? Follow this easy guide: 1 cubic yard covers 100 square feet, or a 10’x10’ area at 3” deep. If you normally purchase by the bag, 1 cubic yard equals nine 3.3 cubic feet bags or fourteen 2 cubic feet bags.

Call us today at 419-589-6285 to schedule a pick up or delivery time.