Tree Cabling and Bracing

​​​Have You Noticed Any Large Splits In Your Tree?

Do you have limbs that look like they’re about to break off? If so, your tree is vulnerable to serious storm or snow damage.  If your trees are starting to split apart, you’ll want to consider tree cabling and bracing as preventative measures to keep them from completely failing.

  • Cabling uses a steel cable to reinforce weakening limbs from breaking off.
  • Bracing uses a threaded rod that’s inserted through the crotches of weak branches.

In some situations, a fork (or union) develops what’s known as “included bark.” These are joints that have formed with a layer of bark in between them. This creates a natural fault line that can fail under stress from heavy snow, ice, wind, or their own weight.

tree cabling and bracing will be needed on this tree that's splitting at it's fork.

A split that has developed in the fork of a tree. Without cabling it will eventually fail.

tree cabling and bracing was used to pull this tree back together and save it.

This tree was splitting apart and was saved through the use of threaded rods.

Don't let the next big storm or gust of wind take out your tree! Let us help you save it through storm proofing, cabling, or bracing.

Cracks And Splits Are Signs Your Tree's Failing!

If you’re noticing any splits, cracks, or leaning limbs call to schedule a consultation with one of our Certified Arborists. He can assess your situation and make recommendations to safeguard your tree.