Tree Removal

Do You Have A Damaged Or Dying Tree?

Are you worried one might fall on your home? If so, then tree removal may be the only option. And, no doubt, you’ll want it removed in the best and most efficient way possible.

At Dolce’s Tree Service, we have the staff & equipment to get the job done quickly.

tree removal using our spider lift in a customer's lawn

Our spider lift allows us to have access to tall trees in tight places. Its small footprint also means fewer marks on your lawn.

tree removal using our crane service for a job where the tree had grown over the house

Our crane service allows us to remove trees that have grown over your home and can’t be safely removed any other way.

Will There Be Any Safety Issues?

You’ll never have to worry about your safety (or ours). We are fully insured and carry workman’s comp on all our employees. Our equipment is also fitted with reliable safety measures.

Proof of insurance and workman’s comp can be provided upon request during our consultation. Just ask us when you call to schedule our visit.

What Will Be Left Where My Tree Was?

That's up to you! We can leave the stump or grind it out, remove stump grindings and even re-seed the area.

If you decide to have the stump ground as part of your tree removal process, we will properly grind your stump.

We will:

  • check
    Grind more than just the surface roots.
  • check
    Grind enough for future re-planting (if desired).
  • check
    Leave no pieces of the stump sticking up.

What Will My Lawn Look Like After You Leave?

We strive to leave as few traces as possible that we were ever on your lawn.

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    We typically put down protective matting before starting most jobs.
  • check
    We clean up when we're done.
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    We haul away the wood, chip up limbs, and rake chippings/leaves.

A Note About Ruts: We take every precaution not to leave ruts. However sometimes they are unavoidable. Should we ever leave “major” ruts in your lawn we will fill and re-seed them upon request.

How Long Will It Take To Remove My Tree?

Our crew will get the job done in the quickest and safest amount of time possible. Most of our jobs are completed in one day.

Safely Remove Your Dead Or Dangerous Tree.

If you have a tree you’re concerned about, call or email for an estimate or to schedule a consultation with one of our Certified Arborists. We’ll take a look at your property and give you an estimate of the best way to treat or remove your tree.