Winter Is a Good Time to Prune

Most skilled arborists prefer pruning when trees are dormant. With no leaves on the tree, the arborist is better able to evaluate the tree’s architecture and spot dead and diseased branches. In addition, since the ground is frozen, damage to the turf underneath the tree due to falling limbs and tire tracks is negligible. This is also a good time to check trees for diseases and other damage.

Equally important is pruning to prepare frees for winter storms. As evidences by the terrible ice storm that hit the area a few years ago, the property damage caused by falling trees was very expensive and costly. In almost all cases, the damage incurred far exceeded the cost of proactive pruning.

Of course with winter upon us, there is no way to predict when storms will hit. But, the only time it’s too late to prepare is once the storm has arrived. If your trees need some attention before the next storm, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. Don’t hesitate to call Dolce’s Tree Service to get your trees prepared for the fury of winter.